StockPit is a refreshing new way to interact with the stock market.

Investing is a quick way to build wealth. StockPit is a new way to find investment ideas that work. Our advanced analytics finds the best investors and shows you what they are doing.

New to Stocks

Learn and practice how to invest on StockPit in a low risk environment. You will have a ton of fun.

Already Own Stocks

On StockPit, see who is winning the investment game. Invest along with the winners and beat the market.

Professional Investor

Share your investment ideas on StockPit. If your stock-picks work, our community will notice. Members will pay to hear about your next investment ideas.


New To Stocks

  • StockPit is a Learning Platform.

  • If you are just starting your stock investment journey, StockPit is your perfect companion. See what others are doing. Read what others have to say. Dip your toes and test your own investment ideas. You can do all of this without risking any money.

  • StockPit is Low Risk.

  • The best way to learn is by doing. StockPit has created a platform where anyone can create a simulated stock portfolio. Their picks move as the market moves. Pick stocks, see how they perform, learn from it and repeat. In the process have a lot of fun and win goodies.

  • StockPit is Social.

  • Investing does not have to be a lonely endeavour. With StockPit, we have made stock investing a team sport. Play against your friends. Challenge them. Make it competitive. StockPit is a social network where we talk about investment ideas.

Already Own Stocks

  • StockPit is for busy people.

  • Real people have jobs. Most of them do not sit in front of their trading terminals all day, buying and selling stocks. Most would not want to read hundreds of pages of financial reports. We recognize that not everyone has the time or inclination to make stock investing a full time job. We have created StockPit for average people who want to make money by investing in stocks but are unable to do the research themselves.

  • Find Investment ideas that work.

  • Not everyone can pick winning stocks. We at StockPit salute those who have the innate talent and acumen to find these hidden, investment ideas. We simply have made a secret recipe to find such winners. At StockPit, we have created a platform for you to.

    •     - See who is  really wining
    •     - See what the  Real Winners  are doing
    •     - Read why they think their picks are going to be winners
  • StockPit is safe.

  • Investment in stocks is subject to market risk. You have to know who can steer through the ups and downs of the market. On StockPit platform, we do not indulge in just talk and tall claims of past success. We look at hard data. Our data analytics finds real winners who are really winning in the real market.

Professional Investor

  • Share your expertise.

  • StockPit is the social network for investment ideas. If you are an expert in your field, people are eager to hear what you have to say. Why don’t you share your outlook for your industry on StockPit. With your insights, people can find the next big thing.

  • Be a star.

  • If you have good ideas for investing, you will stand out on StockPit. If your investment ideas work, our community is going to pay attention. You will make a name for yourself and gain a fan following. Our AI based analytics on StockPit separates men from boys and puts a spotlight on your potential.

  • Get paid for your next idea.

  • StockPit is a marketplace for investment ideas. If you are a star, people will pay to see what you are doing. If investing is your passion StockPit is for you. Do what you love and make some cash while doing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we create StockPit?

We have created StockPit to solve a fundamental problem faced by retail stock investors.

How to decide what to buy?

With advanced AI and data analytics, we have figured out a way to answer this question. We show you what successful people are doing. You can make up your mind from there.

Does StockPit give Investment Advice?

No. StockPit will never give you Investment Advice. We show you what successful people are doing and then we give you the tools to do your own research and make up your mind.

I get investment ideas from everywhere. Why StockPit?

Can you trust the advice you are getting from the people around you –

  • Your Friends & Family – Do they even know what they are talking about?
  • Your Broker – Does he have the right incentives to give you the right advice?
  • Your acquaintances – Where did they hear about it?
  • Your favorite TV personality – Why would they tell you?
  • Some analyst – Do you know the track record of the analyst?

On StockPit, we have developed an advanced, AI based, data analytics engine which tracks the performance of our participants and shines a spotlight on those that are making winning investments. You can find more on this Here


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